Welcome to the Smackattack Online Store!

Welcome to the Smakattack Online Store!


                             South Florida Honey!


What Is Natural Honey?

Natural honey is untainted by additives and artificial preservatives, retaining the honey’s natural enzyme actions as well as its natural taste, smell, and satisfying consistency. No chemical preserving agents are added, assuring the honey’s natural health benefits including vitamins, minerals, and immune strengthening antioxidants.


What Are the Benefits Of Eating Natural Raw Honey?

Eating and cooking with natural raw honey is an essential ingredient in leading a healthy lifestyle. Honey can replace sugar in most recipes, providing beneficial and nourishing energy enhancers not found in conventional sweeteners. Research has found that honey contains valuable vitamins and minerals and promotes the body’s metabolism of fat. Because of its natural antioxidant properties, honey rejuvenates the body’s immune system, restoring a natural and healthy state.



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