Lip  SMAKin' Good Raw and Unfiltered Honey

 Also Infused Honey, Hemp Honey, Manuka, Bee Pollen, and more

Raw and Unfiltered Honey

Seasonal varieties named after the plant that the Honey Bees are using to make honey.  Ranging from light and mild to dark and robust, this honey is all raw and unfiltered.  These are what we recommend when customers ask for “regular honey”.

Infused Honey

Try one of our all natural infused honey varieties.  We use all natural ingredients to make our own unique infused honey. Including Cinnamon, Vanilla, Key Lime, Mango, Ginger, and many more.

Honey Girl Hemp

Our line of Hemp infused Honey products.

Products from the Hive

Bees are incredible creatures that create their own products that sustain and keep the hive healthy.  Just like honey, humans have been using these all natural products for centuries for their own health benefits.


If you are lucky enough to live in or are visiting the south Florida area then come out and see us under the back and yellow tent at one of the areas seasonal or year round farmers markets.

Manuka Honey

A special honey from New Zealand known for its healing properties.  Available in MGO350+ (UMF12) and MGO550+ (UMF16).

Monthly Honey Subscription

Each month we deliver to you 3 (8 oz) bottles of unique seasonal farmers market honey, 24 oz total.  Available in one, three, six, and twelve month options.  For yourself or as a gift with a custom message.  This will direct you to our special subscription website

Lip  SMAKin' Good

For over a decade we have been providing Lip SMAKin' good honey to our community at our local farmers markets.  What makes it so good and healthy is that it is raw and unfiltered honey.  Our passion is to find the best tasting and purest honey to share with you.  We are now making our same Lip SMAKin good products available to the world online.

As beekeepers ourselves, we know the difference between real honey and the commonly adulterated or imported product that's found on most big-box store shelves.

Check out the Locations section to get updates, schedules, directions, and see pictures of the area farmers markets we will be attending.

We will also be using this website and our social media accounts to share knowledge, news, and make announcements about new or seasonal products so follow us on social media and check back here regularly.

Founder Gary Kareff