Jamaican Dogwood Honey


Our Raw and Unfiltered Jamaican Dogwood Honey comes from bees that collect nectar from these trees that grow nowhere else than the Florida Keys.



The taste of Jamaican Dogwood honey has a familiar honey taste with a medium sweetness and robustness. These trees are prominent throughout the island chain.  This is one of our most popular choices of honey.


The Jamaican Dogwood tree grows wild nowhere else in the US than the Florida Keys.  The wood from these trees is commonly used outdoors due to its resistance to decay.  It is also a major source of flower nectar for bees living near the coast which they use to make this amazing honey. Many of the islands have been preserved so the land and surrounding waters have been left in their natural state.  This give our bees plenty of plants and flowers to choose from through the island chain.


Since Jamaican Dogwood honey has a familiar honey taste it makes a great all around choice. The floral characteristics make this a great all natural sweetener in coffee, tea, smoothies, and yogurt.


Only available here online or at any of our Farmers Market locations.  We do not sell our honey at any grocery stores.

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