Avocado Honey

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This raw honey is made by bees that collect nectar from the Avocado trees that grow in South Florida. The amazing taste is rich, buttery, and sweet.

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No, this Avocado honey does not taste like avocados but the flavor can be described as rich, buttery, with similarities to molasses.  This is one of our most popular honey varieties due to this great taste and its many uses.


Our hives are located in areas of South Florida where avocados orchards are popular.  Avocado trees grow well in hot and humid climates like what’s found in this part of the state.  Honey Bees are vital to this industry because of their ability to pollinate these trees which leads to the production of more Avocados.



Avocado Honey is often used as a healthier and tastier substitute for molasses.  Additionally, honey can be a substitute for refined sugar when baking or any other recipes.

Honey for Cough

A darker honey like an avocado variety is recommended when treating a cough due to its higher levels of antioxidants when compared to a lighter honey.

BBQ Sauces and Marinades

The rich and bold flavor of avocado honey makes it an excellent choice for sauces or marinades.


Avocado honey goes well in coffee and will change up that boring coffee.


Only available here online or at one of our South Florida Farmers Market locations.  Because of the versatility and popularity of this honey we also offer it in bulk sizes that will save you money.

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1 review for Avocado Honey

  1. Khrys

    My go-to! Love putting this in my Greek yogurt…I’ve never had a honey like this before. Now that I’m no longer in Broward, I am thankful I can buy this on the site…thank you, and say Hi to the bee team! 🙂

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