Wild Melaleuca Honey


This raw honey is made by bees that collect nectar from the Melaleuca trees that grow in South Florida. The taste is sweet and reminds us of Maple Syrup.



The taste of this honey is sweet, complex, and often said to taste like Maple Syrup.


Our hives are located in areas of southern Florida where the Melaleuca trees grow in large quantities.  Although this tree is not native to the United States, the flowers from this tree are a major source of nectar for Honey Bees in this area.  Honey bees use this nectar of the Melaleuca Tree to make this honey. Although the melaleuca tree is closely related to the Manuka tree, these are two distinct types of honey.  These trees grow only in New Zealand and parts of Australia.



Due to it’s similar taste to maple syrup, it goes great in oatmeal, yogurt, and on pancakes.

Honey for Cough

A darker honey like Wild Melaleuca is recommended when treating a cough due to its higher levels of nutrients when compared to a lighter honey.


This honey goes well in coffee and will change up that old boring variety.


Only available here online or at one of our South Florida Farmers Market locations.  We do not sell our honey in stores.

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