Black Mangrove Honey


This unique honey from Florida is made by bees that collect nectar from the Black Mangrove Trees that grow in the Florida Keys.  This Honey is Raw and Unfiltered.



The taste of Black Mangrove honey from the keys is often initially compared to butterscotch.  After the first taste wears off, your mouth will be left with an aftertaste that can be described as slightly smokey and a little spicy. This honey tastes a little different than your typical honey but it is truly delicious for those looking for a little adventure in taste.  We have a number of customers that will only buy our Black Mangrove honey and they bring their friends to try it.


Our hives are located in areas of The Florida Keys where there are a large collection of Black Mangroves.  The mangrove trees are a critical part of this coastal ecosystem due to their root system providing structure and protection for the wildlife in the area.  We move our bee hives into these areas in late June and early July.


We have some customers that will use only black mangrove honey on everything. We recommend it as a natural sweetener that can be used to add a new twist on your regular coffee, tea, or smoothie.


Only available here online or at any of our Farmers Market locations

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