Blueberry Honey


This infused honey is made by adding Organic Blueberry extract to our raw and unfiltered honey. It’s a perfect balance of sweet and tart taste.

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The taste of this honey is sweet with a complimentary blueberry taste. This combination of flavors go great together and go well in tea, desserts, and breakfast dishes.


Our hives are located in areas of South Florida where flowers are growing naturally without human intervention.  Flowers grow well in south Florida due to the plentiful sun and afternoon rains.  Additionally, the warm weather allows for year round nectar collection by honey bees.  You may taste subtle difference as the seasons change but it’s always very good.  The nectar from these flowers are a major source of food for bees in this area.  Honey bees use the nectar of these flowers to make this honey.  Blueberries have been growing in Florida both wild and on farms for hundreds of years.  We only infuse pure organic blueberry extract to ensure the highest quality product.


Our wildflower honey infused with blueberry is great for tea, desserts, or breakfast dishes. Also, the boost of vitamins and antioxidants from the blueberry extract adds to the healing properties of this raw and unfiltered honey.

Health Benefits:

Our Blueberry Honey is commonly used for its many health benefits.  Honey has proven to help with allergies, coughs, cholesterol, infections, and many other ailments. Blueberry has have been studied for benefits with conditions such as heart disease and high cholesterol. Blueberries are also a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K.  Vitamin C helps support your immune system and Vitamin K is important for bone and blood health.


Only available here online or at one of our South Florida Farmers Market locations.  We do not sell our honey in stores.

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