Everglades Honey


Our Raw and Unfiltered Everglades Honey comes from bees that collect nectar from plants that grow naturally in the Florida Everglade National Park.


Everglades Honey

  • Taste: Sweet and earthy

  • Location: South Florida

  • Uses: Everyday use, coffee, marinades

  • Available: Only available here online and at any of out Farmers Market locations

The Everglades covers the majority of South Florida and have been declared a World Heritage Site. The Everglades are full of mangroves, sawgrass, and pine trees. These plants are where the majority of bees collect their nectar to make this honey.  The bees live along and help support the food chain of some unique animals like the Florida Panther and Manatees.  This protected habitat is home to bees that make this one-of-a-kind honey.

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